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Mehidy Hasan Miraz Profile, Biography And Facebook

Mehidy Hasan Miraz Profile, biography and his Facebook id: He is new Bangldeshi young star player. He is the captain of Bangladesh under 19 cricket team. He will lead Bangladesh cricket in this under 19 world cup. This event will be stayed  in Bangladesh. Now you will know his profile, family status and behind the story of is escalating.

mehidy hasanmiraz
mehidy hasan miraz

In 2005, A tea stall of kashimpur, west of Khulna.Though  tea stall is small but It remains full of people. Md: Ashraful was the greatest player of our country.Ashraful had played a wonderful match against Australia.Various T.V channel was telecasting This match. A boy of 8 years wants to witness this history.He wanted to give in front of the people, but he could not go.Because He was small, at last he reached in front of the people and kneeled.When Bangladesh had won the match.This boy leaps up with joy. He was Mehidy Hasan Miraz.
At this time,he dreamed to play national team in Bangladesh.He passed 10 years, But he could not put on Bangladeshi Jersey. Mehidy did not give up his aspect. Mehedi Hasan Miraz is the captain of under 19. Everybody aspect that one day he will shine the face our country.For this game,He felt upon many problems. Miraz father did not like it. Mehidy Hasan father beats him. Miraz father maintained his family by pulling rickshaw.He did not want that his son will play cricket.Why? Shera Bangla national stadium, Mehidy Hasan Miraz answered by laughing. My father thought that playing cricket is not good.Those, Who played cricket, They fell upon into danger.

For this reason, I went to play by escaping. When my father knew it then he beat me much.But I did not give up hope. At first he played with brothers. Rasel gave him an opportunity for playing cricket.He admitted Mehidy Hasan Miraz into Muslim academy. But Mehidy Hasan Miraz could not pay the many. The coach knew the financial cognition of him.The coach Almahamud gave him opportunity and others things about playing cricket after that I had gone to play under 14 Team,and decide them, But Mehidy Hasan Miraz could not find a way. How can Miraz understood his father.
The newspaper published his name in small letter. Mehidy showed the newspaper his father. Coach admitted his son in 2010. Under 14 team district level. Miraz became the man of the match  of this tournament. Mehidy Hasan Miraz took 25 thousands taka as the best player. Father told me,one day you will play in the national team of Bangladesh after taking the prize. I started to see the match by sitting in the press box. I dreamed.One day, I will play in the national team aover their,I had played under 15-,17-,19.
”Now, Mehidy Hasan Miraz the captain of this team, Now Miraz is all rounder. he wish,we will get the champion trophy.Mehidy Hasan Miraz hope after two years. He entered the national them of Bangladesh.specialist said that, Mehidy Hasan Miraz worked with the youth group, But Mehidy is the most beautiful player. Mehidy Hasan Miraz considers his as a all rounder. He played for the team frequently. Mehidy Hasan Miraz had to work hard for entering the national team. He has to ability for the cricket”. Said, Mizanur Rahman is  the chief coach of under an 19 cricket team.

Mehidy Hasan Miraz faceook: Mehidy Hasan Miraj facebook

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I am Mahadi Hasan. My nick name id Abir. Cricket is my passion and life. I love it. So, I always try do something for cricket.

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